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Just For You

If I had started earlier, I may have found the time, to sit and craft a poem just for you.

Alas, time is a shadow - fleeting - fleeing from the light, scurrying after something else to do.

But if you have a reason, perhaps this is the season to relax and drink my poetry in deep.

So in case your spirit's taken, captured - raptured in the night, you'll know me when we've woken from this sleep. ~ Dave Franzwa - 2007

Hi there,

 omewhere along the way, me or someone close to me set in motion a series of events that brought you here.

Because you are here, I know you have some interest in me or my poetry, and all I can say is, shucks, I'm grateful.

The reason I've brought you here is because I'm working on a very special project that I know you'll enjoy, especially if you liked "The Essence."

You are the first to hear about this project and as such, the first to be invited to join the announcement list for "The Swashbuckler."

Dave Franzwa


What is The Swashbuckler?

The Swashbuckler is a collection of poetry and narratives stemming directly from the fertile, home-spun imagination of yours truly, Dave Franzwa.

The Swashbuckler has been my imaginary personna since I was just a little shaver living (in what used to be the country) on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.

Over the years, I've buckled swashes with some of the best-known swashbucklers in history, and lived to tell about it.

Though you might not consider them all to be swashbucklers, they all seem to have one common theme running through their characters.

They are all heroes. Heroes standing up against bullies and oppressors, and standing up for what's good, right, and honorable.

Look! Up in the sky. It's a bird. No it's a plane... (I'm sure you get the picture;-)

I've fought next to, and even swapped places with the likes of Robin Hood, The Lone Ranger, Davy Crockett (a personal favorite), and just about any larger-than-life role models who ever needed a helping hand in over-coming the bad guys.

I recall one time when I was about 9 years old that I even took a bullet meant for John Wayne, so that "The Duke" could save the day once again.

The Swashbuckler inevitably found his way into my poetry, and though he doesn't appear in every single one, The Swashbuckler has definitely made an impact on many of them.

No matter which mask I may have on at the time, The Swashbuckler's or my own, we both hope that you'll enjoy each and every adventure we bring your way, and look forward to providing you with more, as time permits.

Dave Franzwa - The Swashbuckler

ps - I'd stick around and chat with you a little longer, but I just found out I have an appointment in Tombstone, Arizona in the mid-1800's. Something about an OK Corral, or something like that.

I can't tell for sure, the telegram is smudged. So...



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I trust em, *and*...

They wear white hats!

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